Traverse City Curling Club Logos

  • Project Contributions:
    Creative Concepting, Logo Design, Illustration, Color Palette Development
  • Client:
    Traverse City Curling Club
  • Client URL:

Logo designs for a Traverse City Curling Club, a new non-profit curling club in Northern Michigan. When the club launched in 2014, I design the “rock & broom” logo, integrating the letters “TC,” a common nickname for Traverse City. The flat, 2-color design reproduces beautifully with any production method. This is important for organizations working with tight budgets. It also embroiders very well, and club members wear it on jackets, hats, and beer mugs… the unofficial “other” equipment of the sport.

For their first annual bonspiel (curling tournament), I designed the Cherry Bombspiel logo. Cherries are a big deal around here. I wanted this logo to be as much about curling as it was about cherries, though. And it had to look fun. The cherry stem become a bomb fuse, and the curling house (target on the ice) is at the center of a bursting explosion. Customized type contributes to a fun look and softens the hard angles.

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