ROV Shack Logo and Tag Line

  • Project Contributions:
    Creative Concepting, Logo Design, Illustration, Typography, Color Palette Development, Tag Line Writing
  • Client:
    ROV Shack
  • Client URL:

Custom logo design and tag line writing for a soon-to-launch Traverse City company that sells ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) and parts for research, education, and recreation markets. ROVs are frequently used underwater, and this is where my client’s own interest lies. The unit, typically bright yellow, uses a camera and robotic parts to perform tasks underwater. The circular logo calls to mind a port hole on a boat, and slightly clipping the type enhances this effect. Typography was customized to create a downward line below the water’s surface. The tag line simply sums up the client’s desire to build the business as a single source for everything related to ROVs.

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